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At Anhui Radio & TV center, Ontech’s AC/DC power system is considered as safe, efficient and reliable products by experts, also it meets the needs of data center and enables rapid development of the power market in the future.

Ontech AC/DC Integrated power supply system employs AC & DC power supply system and inverter & communication power supply system to design & monitor and to manufacture & commissioning together. It enables power supply’s subsystem to communicate over the network, sharing power supply information, building a digitalized platform for power software via the integrated monitoring module. Power supply’s switches are intelligent, modularized, functional diversification, no secondary wiring connection outside modules, and no secondary cables across other panels. Open system is AC/DC Integrated power system’s characteristic.

Guangzhou TV Station and Guangdong Satellite TV have  also adopted Ontech’ s intelligent power supply systems. Ontech’s technology is top quality and very suitable for final clients.

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