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Ontech's Power Grid Performance

 1000kV Southeastern Shanxi - Nanyang - Jingmen UHV AC pilot demonstration project

 500 kV Changshu South Intelligent Substation in Jiangsu

 ●750kV Luochuan intelligent Substation of State Grid Corporation

 Xiangjiaba - Shanghai ± 800 kV HVDC transmission demonstration project of State Grid Corporation

 500kV Dieling station Kuoyang west power plant outlet project

 ●Zhaotong converter station for ± 500kV Xiluodu Right Bank Power Station (double circuit transmission)Guangdong HVDC transmission project

 ● Transmission Project of  Tongli Converter Station for State Grid ± 800kV HVDC

 ● Demonstration Project  of Huainan 1000kV substation for Anhui-Huainan-shanghai extra-high voltage AC transmission     

  Transformer substation 110kV of Eastern Expansion Future City in Wuhan, Hupei (first-batch new-generation intelligent transformer substation of the state grid)
  Chengdong transformer substation 110kV (state grid supported project)in Yuan'an, Yichang, Hupei 
  Xinzhou Wangji transformer substation 110kV in Wuhan, Hupei 
 ● Dongnanjiao transformer substation 110kV of Tangshan Power Supply Bureau of Jibei Power Supply Company
 ● Gengma transformer substation 110kV in Lincang, Yunnan


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