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Ontech’s parent company Tieon attracts foreign buyers at High-tech Fair 2015

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Foreign buyers seek opportunities at the China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF) held in Shenzhen from Nov 16 to 21,2015. Ontech’s parent company Tieon attracts foreign buyers at High-tech Fair 2015.  

Tieon attended the CHTF 2015 Buyer Sourcing Conference in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center on Nov 19,2015. The conference mainly covers products of smart appliance, digital mobilephone, green building materials, Household Items, etc .

As a leading power distributing system supplier in China, Tieon has its own core technology , and its products have been highly appraised and recognized by the clients from all varieties of industries such as the government, the banks, substation, communication, power, critical facility.

For High-tech Fair, in recent years, Tieon products have been highly recognized by overseas clients for good reliability, high quality and sound service assurance system.

During High-tech Fair, many buyers were very interested in Tieon smart iTAC modules, and asked for enquiry and expressed a need in Tieon products during the Buyers Sourcing Conference.  

Tieon has developed its business in China for many years and its brand recognition has been further grown overseas. Tieon has gotten great success on this Fair.
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