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Successful Exhibition of Ontech power distribution module in Hongkong

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Ontech Electric Corporation joined Build4Asia on May4-May 6 as an exhibitor and showed its top-quality power distribution products for data center and substations in Build4Asia, which is the Largest Biennial Tradeshow for Building, Electrical Engineering and Security Services in Asia, offering an unrivalled platform for Suppliers and Buyers for a wide range of Products and Services.


Ontech’s smart ITAC modules monitor power quality, but also measure the harmonic, and have brought a lot of advantages for data center and substations. By employing PCB secondary technology, iTAC modules greatly reduce the management cost and material cost for human being. Additionally,ITAC module series is very reliable  and safe in operation.

During the exhibition period, many visitors dropped by Ontech booth and showed great interest in Ontech products, and some of them were amazed by Ontech intelligent technology. Some customers greatly appreciated Ontech’s data center solution and power distribution technology, which has got China Invention patent.


In the near future, more and more people need to use intelligent technology to integrate the power distribution systems in data center and substations. Ontech has engaged in the energy industry and always kept pace with the world leading technology to meet the market demands.



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