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Ontech's mother company Tieon provides Alibaba data center solution

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The Data center project of Alibaba Zhangbei Cloud locates at Miaotan Industry Park of Zhangbei county. In the near future of 5 years, Alibaba Group plans to move 80% cloud computing and big data center business to Zhangbei, and build a settlement center in the north area of Alibaba.  

The foundation of Alibaba Zhangbei Cloud invests 18 billion RMB, and occupies almost 666,700 square meters.  For Alibaba and Ontech’s mother company Tieon, this is Tier-1 project as a long term partner. The program occupies almost 300,000 square meters, and meets the demand of 300,000 servers.  

The project has been put into operation since April 2016. Tieon provides 116 power distribution units for the successful project, of which there are intelligent modules in PDU to monitor power quality and harmonic. 

In the following days Ontech’s mother company Tieon will provide 7*24 hours support and service to satisfy owners demand.

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