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Conference for Parallel Battery DC power system technology was held in Beijing

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Team-building conference for DC power system technology,which was built by parallel batteries, was held in Beijing on Aug 19,2016.

Director Tian Xiaohua of State DC Special Committee announced that group working for parallel battery technology was built, and connected all national excellent DC power experts to research parallel battery, implemented related technology solution and promoted

 the products application, as well as compiled the technology standard.

During the conference, the team leader (Wang Hong from Power Supply Bureau )and four deputy supervisors(Sunming from North China Design Institute, Shen Bingshen from Jibei Power Science Institute, Yin Jiangang from Hubei Power Grid, Yang Zhongliang from Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau) were elected by everyone. They listened to Ontech’s director Mr. Leng carefully, who introduced the development history of parallel battery technology, application solution, system connection, selection principle of storage battery, technology difficulties, etc. Then they discussed the development prospects of parallel battery and a possible series of responsibilities, persons in charge, time completed, etc. The conference was successfully over.

The DC power system technology ,which is assembled by parallel batteries, was first proposed by Shenzhen Tieon Energy Technology Co.Ltd( Ontech Electric Corporation's mother company) in 2009,and its products are very popular in the market since 2012.

Valved regulated lead-acid battery and lithium iron phosphate battery of the system were mixed up and were used in Hubei 110kV Chengdong substation, which was supported by China Power Grid in 2013.The system was distributed to lay out and applied in Shanghai 110kV substation in 2014.  In 2015 the system was used in prefabricated compartment substation of State Power Grid. DC power system built by parallel batteries was inserted into Catalogs of Engineering Design and New Technology Application of State Power Grid in 2014 and 2015. The intelligent system was published on column New Technology of e-commerce platform of State Power Grid, and was inserted into technical specification of 35kV substation in 2015.

Parallel battery team building of national DC Special Committee will certainly push the development of parallel battery technology.

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