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Parallel Battery DC Power System break through Southern Asia and widely deploy in Guangzhou area

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Ontech Parallel Battery DC power system breakthrough Southern Asia market and widely deploy in Guangzhou Knowledge City.


Guangzhou Knowledge City was a High Technology Industry Park which is jointly built by Chinese-Singapore government; it is the most important government invested industry park in northeast area of Guangzhou. The power system was critical important for the industry park.




The traditional power distribution system is located in many places separately, and the old backup battery system operation and maintenance was quite complicated and with high cost.


Smart parallel battery module is designed innovatively by a single battery cell, matching AC/DC charger module, DC/DC boost module and other components, and it meets the actual demand of multi-parallel battery modules, replacing the traditional charger module, storag batteries, battery inspection device in substation design.


Parallel battery solves the problems. a single battery quality and wiring connection affects reliability of the entire battery pack when the storage battery is in series, which can’t be replaced and maintained under live electricity, difficulty in matching old and new battery, redundancy configuration cost a lot. In all, it totally resolves most issue of the new system.



After more than one year running and operation, Guangzhou Power Supply Company sent us the honor certificates for the Parallel battery system.


At the same time, we also successfully ship the first batch of Parallel battery system to customer from Southern Asia. Ontech start making its contribution on power system in south Asia market.

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