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2016 Review

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2016 has passed, 2017 already came, in the pass one year, Thanks for your support in the past one year, Ontech have grow fast in the past one year, we except we will cooperate with you to develop new opportunity and new market, create better future.

Lets have a review for 2016:



1、1st of January, We move to Honghui Industry Zone company, Our office as triple as before. We have much space to grow future. 


2、21th Jan, Tieon Energy was short listed in Beijing new three board market.


March: Subsidiary Corporation ONTECH was setup, focus on Internet+Grid industry.


April: Guangxi Nanning Electricity Supply award us three prizes especially for DC Power System With Parallel Batteries. 


June:We cooperate with Jiangshu Electricity Supply Company, join the National Smart Grid solution design competition, and The DC Power System with Parallel Batteries apply on 500KV substation got the Number One Prize.


July:The new generation SPC won the new high end apartment power supply system ofJiangshu Electricity Supply Company.



1、We sign strategy cooperation agreement with GE, become GE first partner of “Powered by GE components”. 



2、The First Special Committee Meeting of DC Power System and Parallel Batteries was built at Tieon.



1、Tieon got the price of “2016 Data Centre Excellent Solution Provider”.

2、Tieon Held the “Long March” Meeting @Diebu.



1、The First GQH-DPR was deployed in Huangshan.


2、Tieon won the project of South Dianxi to Guangdong±800Kv Power transmission project from China Southern Electricity Supply company.


Thanks for you , Thanks for your support all the time during 2016.

Lets start from 2017!


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