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Big Hit of Ontech in the Electric Power &Renewable Malaysia Exhibition 2017

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Electric Power &Renewable Energy Malaysia Exhibition 2017, one of the famous and influential exhibitions in Southeast Asia, was held on 15-17 March 2017. 



Ontech Electric Corporation attended this international exhibition with its safe, reliable and intelligent products AC/DC integrated power system,Indirect  parallel battery, SPC2.0, GQH-SPC. Ontech made a big hit on this exhibition, attracting a large number of visitors from abroad. A great deal customers are interested in our products like SPC2.0 and Indirect parallel battery.



Attending this big tradeshow is the first step of Ontech to make more breakthroughs in Southeast Asia market in 2017. Ontech provides power distribution products for more than 560 data centers in China. More than 5,000 substations with different voltage level(the highest 1000KV ) are using our power systems. With the mission of providing safe, reliable and intelligent power distribution solution and service for human being, Ontech has made lots of breakthroughs and innovations on the products such as SPC serial products and AC/DC integrated power system.



With the development of Internet, smart grid has become a trend of electric power industry, and Ontech is always keeping with the pace of the world leading technology to make more breakthrough, the success of this exhibition is only a small step, we hope to build a better smart grid world with you.


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