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One More Major Breakthrough Coming! --- Overload Capacity of DC Power System with Parallel Connection Batteries Improved

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The characteristic of inverse time-lag for parallel connection battery module which developed by Shenzhen Tieon Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tieon”) greatly improved the overload capacity of DC power system in recent years. These days, Tieon’s R&D department finish a test and get a satisfactory results, this is really a new major breakthrough. The test is based on the system structure of parallel type DC power, using several batteries series connected; connecting to the busbar through discharge diode for continues current .Results shows that overload capacity of DC power system is greatly improved with new design.


The principle of series connected batteries current is as below: In parallel type DC power system, all the branch battery and AC/DC busbars are single unit designed, then use16pcs or 8pcs series connected batteries (the battery group voltage is lower than DC busbar’s voltage) connecting to DC220V/DC110V busbar through discharge diode and fuse protector. The series battery group only has the discharge channel for the DC busbar. Under the normal working condition, the parallel type battery module which with voltage regulation function will be on load; when the system overload or short-circuit happened, the modules can still offer the current, if the voltage of DC busbar is lower than parallel batteries, the continue current will be provided by series batteries group.

                  Figure 1: Continue current principle of series connection batteries.



Figure 2: waveform of 16pcs series connection batteries feeder short-circuit test (current diverter 1mv correspondence4A)


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