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Ontech Intelligent Micro-grid Demonstration Project is Running in Jixi, Anhui

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Ontech Intelligent Micro-grid Demonstration Project was Running in Jixi, Anhui on 08 Sept. 2017.

Micro-grid is a small power generation and distribution system consisting of distributed power supplies, energy storage devices, energy conversion devices, loads, monitoring and protection devices. Micro-grid is an autonomous system that can realize self control, protection and management. It can be grid-connected or run on an isolated island.  As a single controlled unit for power grids, it can be  providing a high reliable supply of energy for loads.

General architecture of micro-grid

The characteristics for Ontech intelligent micro-grid controller system:

Support the diesel generator, gas turbine, CCHP, distributed energy and other components constitute intelligent micro-grid and energy micro-network
Receive the cloud control strategy and the integration of distributed control strategy as local control, achieve plug and play
Monitor and coordinate the operation of all devices in systems
With touch-screen operation interface and data records
Built-in battery with black start function.

Function and benefit

Peak shaving
At the lowest cost period charge the battery, and in the highest cost period the energy storage discharge, so as to save the electricity charge.

Electrical Safety

In the case of Grid fluctuations, such as frequency failure, voltage failure, micro-grid will automatically cut off the connection with the Grid to protect the electrical equipment from damage.

Remote monitoring

In any position to remotely monitor the operation of micro-grid.

Fault mail notification

Micro-grid failure, will quickly inform the operation and maintenance personnel by mail.

Historical data record

Record the historical data, help to know the energy consumption, and then analysis it to guide the production.

Minimum cost to run

 The micro-grid controller selects a combination that provides the lowest cost of energy. If possible, always use PV, according to capacity and cost to select the grid, diesel and energy storage.

Automatic fault adjustment

 If the component fails, the controller can automatically adjust and select other required components to provide a stable power supply.

Easy expansion

The controller can be implemented in a simple manner to achieve an increase in renewable energy or load.

Typical case -- Ontech Anhui Jixi factory micro-grid energy storage project

Composition of micro-grid

Distributed energy sources are:

20kW  PV
45kW  Diesel generator
500kWh Containerized energy storage

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