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Take the power of technological innovation to lead development and embrace the future with an open and cooperative attitude

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In April 27th, the world's most spectacular industrial event - the 2018 Hannover Industrial Fair came to a successful conclusion. With the theme of "industry integration - interconnection and cooperation", this exhibition sets up an international platform for industrial 4.0 and fully excavate the great potential of digital transformation, energy intelligence has become focus of the industry.

As a major provider of power supply and distribution systems in China, Tieon take the innovation products came to Hannover, standing on the world level stage with international competition.

Innovation is an important driving force to lead the development of enterprises. In the past 17 years, Tieon has focused on technological innovation. It has made key progress in the R & D of AC power, AC and DC integrated power supply, parallel DC power supply, micro grid and other products. By the end of April 2018, there were 138 kinds of independent intellectual property rights. A series of fist products displayed in this exhibition - GQH-SPC fully modular precision power distribution cabinet, GQH-SPC intelligent modular low-voltage distribution cabinet, GQH-PB parallel DC power supply system, intelligent distribution cloud management system, microgrid and energy storage solutions, movable emergency DC power Van and so on, are obtained highly praised from Germany, Britain, Spain, France, Mexico, Bahrain, India and other dozens of foreign customers.

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