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Tieon's Data Center Products Displayed at the DCD Conference Shanghai

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In June 7, 2018, the ninth DCD Enterprise China Shanghai conference was officially opened in Shanghai Center Tower, attracting more than 1000 domestic and foreign data center users, solutions and service operators. This conference focuses on the design and construction of enterprise data center, sharing and exploring the forefront information and future development trend of the current data center industry.

It is the first time for Tieon displayed at DCD Conference, showing a full range of intelligent distribution system products and solutions for the data center, and sharing the best projects with the participants in the data center industry.

With the transformation of data center from low density to high density, from high energy consumption to green low carbon, users have put forward higher requirements for power quality management. The SPC full modular power distribution cabinet and intelligent busbar system are built for the application of data centers to provide the key load of the data center server. The electric power distribution and management of the iTAC module can be used to monitor the current, voltage,frequency, power, harmonic and other data of each feeder, so as to realize the management of the single loop. Tieon can do better for data center power quality management. Based on the characteristics of intelligent power distribution, IoT, and cloud computing, Tieon has developed intelligent distribution system products, intelligent distribution cloud management system (eVA system), transcend the traditional distribution management system, eVA can provide intelligent power consumption management, power use safety management and environment security management, power supply security early warning. The abnormal situation is diagnosed in advance, so as to help customers improve operation and maintenance management performance and ensure continuity and safety of power supply system.

At present, more than 700 data centers, such as the Alibaba Zhangbei cloud computing center, Beijing government service center, China Securities and Futures Industry South Information Center, and Ningxia Zhongwei cloud computing base data center, have been running Tieon's products safely and stably, the scope covering the government, finance, Internet, operators and so on. 

Combined with product characteristics and market conditions, the new product positioning released by Tieon were greatly concerned by the participants. In the field of interactive communication, the exhibitor team also has a deep understanding of the customer's real business needs. We will continue to innovate with the demand and provide security and intelligent electricity solutions and services.

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