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SPC Creates a New Pattern of Low-voltage Distribution of Real Estate——Return Visit to Vanke Antuoshan Garden

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With the rapid investment in new energy industry, high-tech industry, advanced equipment manufacturing industry and real estate development, the increasing demand for industrial distribution automation and civil distribution intelligence in the market, the market prospects of high-voltage and low-voltage electrical equipment have become increasingly broad. According to industry statistics, high and low voltage electrical equipment are widely used in modern industrial enterprises, new energy development and real estate construction and other fields. 

On April 19, 2017, Tieon Energy replaced GCK drawer cabinet with SPC intelligent modular low-voltage distribution system. We won the bid of Shenzhen Vanke Antuoshan Project North Block Low-voltage cabinet project. More than 100 sets of SPC intelligent modular distribution cabinets were deployed in Antuoshan Garden distribution room to ensure residential lighting, elevators, pumps, fire protection, fans, reserve electricity and other loads at various levels, opening up a new pattern of intelligent modular low voltage power distribution system in the real estate industry.

Vanke Antuoshan project has been in progress for more than one year, Antuoshan Garden construction is still in progress; About the operation status of Tieon's SPC cabinets, we conducted a return visit recently.The Antuoshan Garden is located in Futian Central District, which is another great work of Vanke. Stepping into the construction site, the property has taken shape and the construction is in good order.

Vanke Antuoshan Garden

Antuoshan Garden low-voltage distribution room is located on the first floor of the basement, Tieon's SPC switchgears are deployed in No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 low-voltage distribution room. The high-voltage side(10kV) come from the city power grid. The 10KV power supply is connected to the three low-voltage distribution rooms in the district. The transformer changes the voltage from 10KV to 0.4KV and transmits the voltage to each floor through the main distribution line. Entering the distribution room, Tieon's SPC switchgear is arranged neatly and runs smoothly. When we close to the switch cabinet, the SPC's unique infrared detector sensed the entry of personnel, and all the display screens and indicator lights on the switch cabinet were awakened and lighted, which not only facilitated daily maintenance, but also saved energy to protect the equipment components.

Antuoshan Garden Low-voltage Distribution Room

Looking at the details of SPC is more ingenuity. All feeder switches are modular, intelligent acquisition module is plug-in connected with switching components, no secondary connection, with fire protection, control, leakage current monitoring and other secondary interfaces.

The person in charge of Antou Mountain Garden Power Distribution System said: "The safe and stable operation of the power supply and distribution system in residential areas is of vital importance to improving the quality of life in the residential areas.

Tieon's SPC intelligent modular switchgear is different from the traditional drawer cabinet. Its connection is reliable, easy to maintain, milliampere level signal transmission can be real-time monitoring of power parameters, greatly improving the safety of electricity and ease of operation and maintenance. This brand and technology are worth promoting.

For Tieon, the SPC distribution system based on smart modular distribution technology will be gradually pushed to various industries. As the implementer of smart modular distribution technology, Tieon will grasp the opportunity and take the trend upward.

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