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Tieon Empower the Operation of First Mountainous Photovoltaic Energy Storage Micro-grid in Guangdong Province

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At the very beginning in 2019, the first mountainous Photovoltaic Energy Storage Micro-grid is putted to operation in Jinkeng village, Liannan county, qingyuan city. Tieon provides all integrated system and technical service for Liannan Power Supply Bureau which is the owner of this project. Tieon Micro-grid can operate for 18 hours independently which can improve power supply reliability when power is off.

Jinkeng Village is located in mountainous area which is high altitude and has a cold weather. The power is supplied by 110kV Jinkeng Transformer Substation with 16.7km power supply radius which is very long. The nearest power supply station is further than 30 km, which makes daily maintenance very difficult. Power supply is hard to recover considering the sophisticated environment. Meanwhile there are good distributed energy like water and PV uneasy to be controlled. Micro-grid construction brings big significance to control the energy storage and system control.

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