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Tieon energy won the bidding project for the Wudongde DC transmission project. Support to build the power

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Great news for Tieon, the GQH-D DC Power Supply System and GQH-U UPS won the Wudongde UHV multi-terminal DC Demo Project for Guangdong and Guangxi provinces.



Wudongde UHV multi-terminal DC Demo Project for Guangdong and Guangxi Province adopts ±800 kV 3-terminal Hybrid DC Technology. The total length of the line is 1489 km, and the transmission capacity is 8 million kilowatts. It is national Key trans-provincial power transmission project in < the 13th five-year plan for energy development> and <the 13th five-year plan for electric power development> in China which will create quite a few worlds first.

★The largest UHV Multi-terminal HVDC transmission project in the world

★The world's first UHV Multi-terminal Hybrid DC Project

★The world's first UHV Flexible DC Converter Station Project

world’s first flexible direct current (HVDC) transmission project with self-clearing capability for overhead line DC faults

Once the project is completed, clean hydropower from Yunnan will be transported to Guangdong and Guangxi to meet the electricity demand of the "14th five-year plan" and the future economy development of southern region and the economic development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao great bay area.

This is the 3rd time for Tieon to get the good achievement in UHV DC transmission area. Tieon will insist in providing good product quality and considering service to support the construction of power “expressway”.

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