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Successful Exhibition of Ontech on Critical Facilities Summit 2015 in USA

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Critical Facilities Summit has successfully held in Charlotte Convention Center,Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.A. from October 5 to October 7, 2015. Ontech Electric Corporation showed its brand-new  iTAC 122M module at this exhibition and attracted the attentions of Chinese and foreign visitors.

Ontech exhibited its latest research achievements and integrated solutions in data center industry. iTAC modules were highly recognized for well-developed technology and excellent performance  and regarded as one of  the most  creative modules  by clients in USA and other countries.

During the exhibition period, many visitors came to visit Ontech's booth and a lot of them expressed great interest in Ontech's products and hoped to cooperate with Ontech in the future. And even some clients showed high recognition on Ontech and were willing to use ITAC modules for data centers.

Ontech Electric Corporation has engaged in power distribution industry and data center service for many years and always kept pace with the world leading technology to meet the market demands in the future. Ontech will continue to keep outstanding and realize more achievements.
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