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I have a dream

When Martin Luther King gave his speech “I Have a Dream”, no one had ever thought about that just 45 years later Obama was elected as the first black U.S. president. When Shenzhen Tieon Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, I wished to “sell our products to Germany”. This was not just a young man's entrepreneurial dream; it was also an industry patriotic “ambition”. I simply believed that when our products were praised by the German, it would gain worldwide recognition. Later, this simple idea has evolved into the company's vision – “ Be the world-class expert for power supply solutions”.

To achieve this dream, I have developed the company into three eras: creek era, river era and ocean era. Creek era: the company only produces intelligent AC power system products for substation and makes the products be the Number one in china. From 2001 to 2009, we spent eight years for the basic realization of this goal. River era: the company will extend to the entire substation intelligent power solutions and peripheral products, gradually expanding to non-power sector. From 2010 to 2017, we plan to spend another eight years to achieve the Number One in China. Ocean era: The company plans to provide users with comprehensive technical services and products in the intelligent power field. From 2018 to 2025, we would like to become the world's Number One in the intelligent power field.

In order to realize this dream, we are trying to reduce the contradiction between “capital” and “labor”: allow most of key employees to become the shareholders, develop shareholders like the development of party members and give opportunities for each person who is willing to make effort. Our interest principle is customers - employees – shareholders. Only when the interests of customers are safeguarded can the company develop. To ensure the interests of customers, we must rely on the excellent staff. Only when the interests of employees are taken care of can the best talent be attracted, and thus the benefit maximization for shareholders can be realized.

To achieve this dream, we advocate "Simple culture" within the company: simple organizational structure and simple process, which is conducive to the efficient operation of the organization, as well as simple interpersonal relationship. The company respects each employee. The management personnel work together with solidarity and cooperation. The principle to consider the issue is simple, mainly to see whether it helps the company's development or not and whether it helps to solve the problem in an efficient way or not.

To achieve this dream, we promote the learning of “Long March Spirit”: the Long March is a rare brave expedition against difficulties and hardships in human history. It is an expedition with dissemination of ideas and it is a symbol of immortal beliefs. Since the beginning of 2008, all the cadres of the company have re-taken the road of Long March. At each node of the road, we will discuss next year's planning. Communist Party of China has taken 28 years to create a new China and we attempt to use 24 years to create a world-class intelligent power supply empire.

This is not only my dream, but the dream of every member of Tieon. We have always been in this effort to move forward.

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